Everything You Need To Know About LED Grow Lights

led grow light

It isn’t hard to grow plants when you have the best hydroponic technology, up-to-date airflow system and all of the proper nutrients. But all of this can really be useless without lights and that’s what makes LED lights almost indispensable. It might be pretty challenging to find the right set of LED lights but this guide should give you a detailed insight.

LED Grow lights are effective and can be used growing under led grow lightsthroughout different levels of plant growth. These entirely self-contained lights can be simply hung over your plants when they need extra light or more strength at times of flowering. Here’s an overview of the benefits they come with!

  • Durability – LED lights last for years and you don’t need to change your lighting system anytime soon. Most of these lights can be utilized for 100,000 hours.
  • Optimum temperature – You might lose crops if you don’t pay attention to the temperature of your grow room. With other lights, you might also need effective cooling systems but LED lights provide you the best low running temperature.
  • Power Efficient – Conventional types of indoor lighting systems can be effective but not power efficient. LED lights lets you save money as they aid your plant’s growth.
  • Saves Space – With LED lights at your disposal, you don’t need to provide a lot of space for extensive cooling systems, extra equipment or the lights themselves. Have access to your plants better in a free space.

Things You Need to Remember regarding:


basic watt led grow lightsWhen you’re choosing a LED light, it’s imperative you consider the Watt measurement listed on your lamp. The watts represented on your product doesn’t affirm the amount of watts the light would actually be utilizing. A LED light of 1000 watt might be marketed as a 1000 watt light by the manufacturer but that would be the maximum amount of power it is capable of using. Rely on the power consumption rather than the rating listed to determine the true potential of your LED light.


led type grow lightsAn outdoor plant is destined to receive sunlight that compromises the entire range of light wavelengths from infrared to ultraviolet to invisible. Make sure that the LED lights you’re using provide the light your plants need. Different sections of the spectrum shall be essential to you depending on the cycle and kind of growth your plant is undergoing.

Perfect combination:

It’s crucial to use the perfect blend of light to ensure sustainable growth and health of the plant. The optimum ratio of colors has been mentioned below.

  • 55% Red LEDs rated at 660nm
  • 20% Red LEDs rated at 630nm
  • 15% Blue LEDs rated at 470nm
  • 10% Blue LEDs rated at 425nm

If you commit the mistake of choosing a set of red LED glow lights and blue LED glow lights, you are depriving your plant of what it needs. These two colors aren’t able to provide your plant the full range that they are entitled to in natural sunlight. It is important that you replicate an outdoor growth cycle where the light changes and fluctuates as days elapse.

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