HID Vs Led Grow Lights

hid vs led grow lights

HID and LED are the primary type of grow lights used these days, but is one better than the other? Which one should you use?

Let’s find out.

What Are HID Grow Lights?

hid grow lightHID stands for High-Intensity Discharge. Due to these being very affordable, these are widely used for growing plants such as cannabis.

There is a considerable price difference while comparing HID and LED grow lights. Most would say HID lights are the winner when it comes to price and performance but this isn’t quite right. These lights include a hidden cost which most people tend to ignore. Running an HID grow light can cost 25% more electricity which in the long term isn’t a good thing. These also don’t last as long as LED grow lights; due to this, in the end, they don’t save you much money.

These are available in multiple versions, each having a different use. One of better for one stage of plant and the other for other. Using a general HID light won’t be best for your plant. This is another hidden cost that most people realize after buying these grow lights.

What are LED grow lights?

led grow lightLED stands for liquid emission light. These lights used for all kind of indoor plantation. They are widely accepted as the best kind of grow lights. The price of these might overwhelm you, but their performance covers it up for them. There are a lot of factors that make them better than other grow lights, some of them being.

  1. Temperature management: They don’t overheat even if you run them 24/7.
  2. Less Power Consumption: Compared to other types of lights, there consume much lesser power and are more profitable in the long run.
  3. Variation availability: there is a huge variety of LED lights on the market. Though this also makes it hard to find a suitable one.

They are ideal for growing herbs/plants like cannabis, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Which light is best for you?

This depends on what you want to use them for. For small indoor gardens, LED grow lights are a perfect choice. Since using them, you won’t have to worry about much for a long time. They consume less power, suitable for photosynthesis, are easy to install.

On the other hand, we have HID grow lights. I won’t say they are useless and shouldn’t be used anywhere. We can’t forget that they have a much lesser installation cost since they are a lot cheaper. Also, it has been proven that they provide the much better environment for photosynthesis. They do consume more energy than LED grow lights but a few places, electricity isn’t costly, and it doesn’t make a big difference in running cost. In such kind of a situation, HID grow lights are the winner.

Getting most out of Grow Lights

Both LED and HID grow lights perform better than each other in certain situations, but they are worthless if you don’t use them properly.

I have seen some people installing grow lights openly in the field; this isn’t a good idea. It leads to wastage of light, electricity and other resources. What about growing in a closed room? Unfortunately, it’s not good enough either. While using grow lights, it’s necessary for us to use a reflective surface to make sure that plants get’s proper light for performing photosynthesis.

The solutions to this issue are using a grow tent, grow room or grow cabinet. Each of them has their advantages and disadvantage.

How to pick the right to grow light?

So, Now you have concluded which kind of grow light you want to get, but there is the indefinite number of options in the market, which one should you go for?
While buying a grow light consider these factors.

  1. Is price justified: Do this by comparing it to similar lights of other brands.
  2. Overall performance in long run
  3. Power consumption
  4. Price to performance ratio

Considering all the points mentioned above, you will be able to find your ideal grow light in no time. Another way to know if the light is any good is to directly contact the brand/organization who makes those lights and ask your questions to them. A good brand would surely reply to every question you ask them, doing this you can make sure that their support is good.

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